1. FTG U-P 70 Title Card copy 2This is the headquarters for a sensational NEW saga which covers the vast fresco of motion picture action, encountered by a sole player, entering its domain in utter obscurity, with glory in mind…



                                       A CAST OF THOUSANDS!

                                                      PERHAPS EVEN MILLIONS!  

On March 21, 2017 Clink Street Publishing released

Act I.


Brian Paul Bach’s

FORWARD TO GLORY Quartet: Tempering



Butterbugs is a nobody from nowhere. His dream is to act. So he casts himself upon the mercy of Hollywood. But will his dream come true?

In this, the first act of the ‘Forward To Glory’ quartet, a sensational narrative becomes epic, noir, and satire, all at once. Like the movies themselves.

No mere mashed-up stew, ‘Tempering’ is indeed sautéed in the heavy oils of satire, but from its noir-like and epic procession of events, there emerges an individual’s striving toward something of value.

Rich in movie lore and invention, ‘Tempering’ probes the lives of those in Hollywood’s obscurity. The route is uphill, though it possibly leads to further heights along the ‘Forward To Glory’ trail.

Facing the movie monolith alone, Butterbugs performs dramatic scenes before the homeless and the inebriated. A mysterious girl occurs and reoccurs. Living in a car, with dwindling reserves, we might ask, is the play still the thing? Isolation leads to bare survival in a city of high achievement …and bottomless failure.

Butterbugs aspires to act, but will it actually be in films, or on a starker, more realistic stage – a stage of life itself – with no recognition, no audience…?

Strangely, he appeals to possible allies: Heatherette – who is intrigued by him; Starling – the thief who loves him; ProwlerCat – who saves him… But from what, we do not yet know.


I. Tempering – the Actor’s struggles

Available NOW! Also, see our Blog Page! Check it out!

COMING SOON ENOUGH: II. Exposition – the Actor’s rise

AWAITING ITS TURN: III. Apotheosis – the Actor’s climax

HEADING UP THE REAR: IV. Beyond Fin – the Actor’s legend

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