Where To Find TEMPERING, Act I. of the Forward To Glory Quartet…

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Two starting places:

From the Goodreads page:

And, a listing of other outlets, such as Abebooks, Barnes & Noble, etc:

Goodreads Book Page (links found at ‘Get a copy’):

Forward to Glory: Tempering

Goodreads Author Page:

Goodreads Author Page: Brian Paul Bach

BookFinder offers a wider, international selection…

“Forward to Glory: Tempering” by Brian Paul Bach


An Interview with the Author of FORWARD TO GLORY

Recently, I spent a pleasant half hour with Kori Miller from Back Porch Writer, introducing TEMPERING, the first Act of the FORWARD TO GLORY Quartet. We also chatted about movies, making up names, wordplay – and movies!

Hear it here…

Back Porch Writer: Interview with Brian Paul Bach