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3. FTG II. Cover Upper

A struggling actor catches his first big break on his way to Hollywood stardom and beyond, in the second act of this epic and bold four-part tale.

 Butterbugs is becoming somebody. He has come to Hollywood to act, and as an aspiring performer, so far, he is a survivor. His dream persists… barely. But something’s coming. He has had to endure nearly crushing challenges with a tenacity deserving its own kind of award. Perhaps simple luck is all that’s needed. It soon appears, from unexpected quarters. And starting there, his ascent begins.

Butterbugs is about to be exposed – as actor, as talent, as star. A splash like no other will soon inundate Hollywood. As he advances, Butterbugs is gifted with the assistance of many: Vonda – the superstar, who literally picks him off the street; The Angry Black Priest – the super-artist, who, out of tragedy, teaches him wisdom; Sonny Projector – the super-agent, who sees something exceptional in this intriguing unknown; Old Atrocity – the super-technician, whose cinematic expertise perfectly compliments the actor’s unique persona; Cody, Saskia and Justy – women to love, who love him; Pepper and Prairie – whose very existence may be nothing more than shadows on a screen but whose power is projected upon him; and Heatherette – whose reappearance saves his life.

Proudly episodic, unabashedly sensational and simply cinematic Forward to Glory II: Exposition by Brian Paul Bach is a saga geared to a seasoned readership eager to embrace a daring narrative with determination and relish. Reveling in a love of Hollywood new and old while exploring the unique pressures of fame found within the walls of the studio lots, it is a story of adventure and triumph readers won’t soon forget.